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We’re are honored to be a part of this initiative, along side of Dr. Mark Plaster and other supporters. To add to your initiatives, we would like to gift our latest in glaucoma detection instruments, where screening and early detection is a key factor in preventing irreversible blindness for any age group.

Everyone is at risk for glaucoma from babies to senior citizens. Older people are at a higher risk for glaucoma but babies can be born with glaucoma (approximately 1 out of every 10,000 babies born in the United States). Young adults can get glaucoma, too. African Americans in particular are susceptible at a younger age.

60 million Americans are at RISK for developing Glaucoma. Glaucoma is usually symptom-less and vision loss is irreversible. Often people experience loss of peripheral (side) vision first and compensate for this loss by turning their head.

Studies show that in East Africa only 2-3% of the patients with glaucoma had been diagnosed.

Lack of glaucoma detection technology and resources should not cost anyone their sight. Our entire team is thankful for this opportunity.

– Team Diaton

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