There are many tonometer options: handheld, applanation, noncontact, airpuff, rebound, indentation, non-corneal, through the eyelid / transpalpebral, pen-like tonometers from the these manufacturers: 66Vision Canon Cso Diaton HAAG-STREIT Huvitz Icare Kangjie Keeler Kowa Macro Nidek Oculus Reichert Rexxam Rodenstock Swowei Tomey Topcon Ziemer.

The one tonometer that stands out is the Diaton tonometer as this innovative technology allows to obtain IOP measurement through the upper eyelid and sclera, not via cornea as all other devices. The benefit is to get intraocular pressure result completely independent of known and unknown biometric properties of the cornea.

DIATON tonometer is particularly useful in cases where standard direct applanation (corneal) tonometry is difficult or not viable, such as with pediatric patients, in presence of certain corneal pathology, edema, infection, following corneal surgery, keratoconus, KPro and in cases of eye trauma.

Emil W. Chynn, MD, FASC from Park Avenue LASEK stated, – “As a Cornea-Refractive trained specialist, I encounter many situations where Goldmann readings are inherently inaccurate–like post-LASIK, in cases of corneal edema, scarring, post-keratoprosthesis or transplant. In such cases, it’s both invaluable and reassuring to have the Diaton device available to measure IOP that’s independent of corneal pathology”

Major Benefits of Diaton Tonometer:

  • Easy to use. Can be used by any trained personnel
  • No contact with the cornea (only upper eyelid and sclera)
  • No need for anesthesia drops or removal of contact lenses
  • Safe: No risk of infecting or scratching cornea (safer vs other methods)
  • Cost efficient: No consumables (no need to purchase replacement tips, probes or covers, etc.)
  • Latex-free, handheld, non-contact, portable, pen-like device
  • No sterilization (just alcohol swab is used to wipe off the tip)
  • Accurate: No pachymetry needed (independent of corneal biomechanics)
  • Ready-to-use: Daily calibration not required (saves time)

To view how Diaton tonometer compares to other tonometry devices visit: http://tonometerdiaton.com/diaton-tonometer-comparison-trials/

Live From ASCRS: Dr. Mark Latina & Dr. Emil Chynn Review Benefits & Advantages of DIATON transpalpebral tonometer – tonometry through eyelid and sclera http://www.TonometerDiaton.com
Booth Talk: Benefits of Translpalpebral and Trans-scleral Tonometry with DIATON® Tonometer Pen
Presented by:
– Mark Latina, MD
Massachusetts Eye & Ear Infirmary – Harvard Medical School
Associate Clinical Professor of Ophthalmology, Tufts University School of Medicine
Advanced Glaucoma Specialists, Reading, MA
– Emil W. Chynn, MD, FASC
Park Avenue LASEK, New York, NY

For more information about Diaton tonometer and purchase options visit: http://www.tonometerdiaton.com  or dial 1-877-DIATONS ( 1-877-342-8667)

Diaton Tonometer is currently represented in over 60 countries and growing. More about BiCOM Inc,. at http://www.BiCOM-Ophthalmic.com

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