Event Invitation: First Sight Original Documentary, Live LASEK and Glaucoma Eye Test Diaton Tonometer Presentation

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Event Invitation: First Sight Original Documentary, Live LASEK and Glaucoma Eye Test Diaton Tonometer Presentation

Contact information:

Joya Dass, Eyes Wide Open Productions 9176531220 [email protected]

Alex Yegorova, Park Avenue Lasek 212 741 8628 [email protected]

Park Avenue Lasek


Joya Dass, Dr. Emil Chynn and Roman Iospa invite you to Park Avenue LASEK,

August 25th from 5-7:30 pm to witness a groundbreaking LASEK procedure, learn about cutting-edge glaucoma testing Diaton tonometer technology, and watch “First Sight,” an original documentary about curable blindness in India.


Joya Dass is currently a on-air TV personality in New York City, and has been for the last

15 years. You may have seen her reporting business news from the floor of the New York

Stock Exchange or the Nasdaq Marketsite for CNN and NY1. In the past 2 years, she shot

and directed a feature length documentary on curable blindness in children in India and one

foundation’s crusade to eradicate conditions such as cataracts from the country by the year

2020. A 50 minute rough-cut of “First Sight” will screen at Park Avenue LASEK office at 6:30

pm Thursday August 4th. Joya is currently raising funds to finish the film. Your donations and

your feedback will be crucial to making final edits before entry into Sundance and Human Rights

Watch Festivals. To see the trailer, go to www.firstsightthefilm.com.


Surgeon, Emil W. Chynn, M.D. worked as a volunteer surgeon for 2 months at Aravind Eye

Hospital in India while a resident. A patient who was, for all intents and purposes “blind,” saw

his grandchildren for the very first time because of the cataract surgery Dr. Chynn performed on

him. He’s got a special affinity for India because of this experience.


Today. Dr. Chynn is the best-trained and most-experienced LASEK surgeon in New York City,

with a medical degree from Columbia University, ophthalmology residency from Harvard, and

over 18,000 procedures performed. At 5:30 pm August 4th, he will be demonstrating the

newest Bladeless, all-laser, no-cut LASEK procedure on a real patient at his Park Avenue

Offices! We invite you to watch as he performs this procedure using VISX Star S4 Laser, with

Iris Registration and advanced CustomVue WaveFront technology; As opposed to LASIK (with

and I), LASEK (with an E) is non-invasive, and does not involve cutting a flap in the cornea.

This has been proven to be safer for the patient, as it eliminates all flap related side effects

associated with LVC, to include: night glare, light halos, dry eyes, post operative flap trauma,

etc.To learn more, go to www.parkavenuelasek.com.


Roman Iospa will introduce groundbreaking glaucoma testing at 6 pm that eliminates the “ick” factor.

BiCOM's main product lines includes a unique Diaton tonometer which allows eye care and

medical professionals to measure intraocular pressure (IOP) for glaucoma Through the EYELID,

without anesthesia and direct contact with the eyeball, providing quick and painless tonometry

readings independent of corneal biomechanical properties in children and adults.

For more Information on Diaton tonometer or to view the Demo Video – visit: http://www.TonometerDiaton.com