BiCOM Inc Transpalpebral DIATON Tonometer at the American Academy of Ophthalmology AAO 2014 , Chicago

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 BiCOM Inc Transpalpebral DIATON Tonometer at the American Academy of Ophthalmology AAO 2014 , Chicago

BiCOM Inc to feature transpalpebral Diaton tonometer at the American Academy of Ophthalmology, AAO 2014. Transpalpebral Diaton tonometer is the world's only non-corneal and non-contact tonometer used through the eyelid to quickly and painlessly determine intraocular pressure without directly touching the cornea or requiring use of topical anesthesia. Diaton tonometer is particularly useful in cases where standard direct applanation (corneal) tonometry is difficult or not viable, such as with pediatric patients, in presence of certain corneal pathology, edema, infection, following corneal surgery, KPro and in cases of eye trauma. Diaton tonometry demo and training sessions available at Exhibit #526



Emil W. Chynn, MD, FASC stated, – "As a Cornea-Refractive trained specialist, I encounter many situations where Goldmann readings are inherently inaccurate–like post-LASIK, in cases of corneal edema, scarring, post-keratoprosthesis or transplant. In such cases, it's both invaluable and reassuring to have the Diaton device available to measure IOP that's independent of corneal pathology"


DIATON Transpalpebral & Trans-Scleral Tonometer  

          is Your Non-corneal SOLUTION!

Major Benefits of Diaton Tonometer:

  • No contact with the cornea (only upper eyelid & over sclera)
  • No anesthesia drops
  • No risk of infecting or scratching cornea
  • No consumables (no need to purchase replacement tips/covers..etc.,)
  • No sterilization
  • No pachymetry needed (no need to adjust readings for CCT and other corneal properties)
  • No daily calibration needed
  • Can be used sitting or supine
  • Can be used post-op and with corneal pathologies
  •  Handheld / Portable + Easy to use
+ Check out the Demo Video – Click the image or link below: 



Recent Clinical Trials:

• Diaton Tonometer use in Boston KPro Type 1. Clinical Study from University of Illinois at Chicago:Agreement among Transpalpebral,Transcleral and Tactile Intraocular Pressure Measurements in Eyes with Type 1 Boston Keratoprosthesis 


For personal demo and training – please visit us at SonomedEscalon  Booth#526
About BiCOM Inc:
BiCOM, home of Diaton tonometer – committed to the global fight against blindness caused by glaucoma. A unique team of engineers, medical, legal and business experts makes BiCOM Inc. uniquely placed to provide DIATON diagnostic tonometer, which measures intraocular pressure (IOP) through the eyelid and sclera, making it possible to diagnose glaucoma on the early stage and appoint necessary treatment and medicines and provide a more favorable outcome for the patient.   
Diaton tonometer is presented in over 60 countries either direct by BiCOM Inc., or through distributors.
For more information or local distributors –visit: http://www.TonometerDiaton.com
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