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DIATON tonometer
Intraocular Pressure (IOP) Test with Tonometer Diaton Training / Demo and Maintenance Videos:

Diaton Tonometer - Tonometry through the Eyelid - Measuring IOP - Training video PART 1

Diaton Tonometer - Tonometry through the Eyelid - Tonometer Maintenance - Training video PART 2

Live DEMO Training Session:How to Tonometry Over Eyelid with Tonometer DIATON at Academy of Ophthalmology AAO:

Training Highlights

Unique DIATON Tonometry Through Eyelid - Introduction / Description: Video Part 1

Diaton Tonometer - Preparing Tonometer for Use / User Instructions: Video Part 2

Diaton Tonometer - Proper patient positioning: Video Part 3

Diaton Tonometry - How to Measure Intraocular Pressure (IOP) with Diaton tonometer: Video Part 4

Diaton Tonometry: How to calibrate / check calibration of Tonometer Diaton: Video Part 5

Diaton Tonometer - Digital Display Navigation: Video Part 6

Diaton Tonometer - Tonometer disinfection /wipe method procedure: Video Part 7

Diaton Tonometer - Placing / changing battery training: Video Part 8

Diaton Tonometer - Tonometer Maintenance / Servicing / Cleaning Instructions: Video Part 9

Diaton Tonometer: How to avoid common Errors / Procedural mistakes: Training Video Part 10

Glaucoma Eye Pressure (IOP) Test / Exam - Unique Diaton Tonometer by BiCOM Inc @ Yahoo! Video

Please also find additional video resource in the AVI format - Tonometer Diaton Video Training (AVI)
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