Free Glaucoma Screening Provided by Diaton tonometer Team at Health and Wellness Expo, Staten Island, NY

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Free Glaucoma Screening Provided by Diaton tonometer Team at Health and Wellness Expo, Staten Island, NY

BiCOM Inc., Team presented Diaton tonometer and provided free glaucoma screening at Health and Wellness Expo event on Staten Island.  The 5th annual Staten Island Economic Development Corporation (SIEDC) Health and Wellness Expo is free and open to the public. Presented by NYC Councilman James Oddo, Staten Island University Hospital and the SI Heart Institute the daylong conference will include informative keynote addresses, purposeful seminars, medical screening tests and fitness demonstrations.
The aim of the SIEDC expo is to equip Staten Island residents with knowledge about their health and all the health services available to them throughout the borough. Attendees will receive unlimited access to healthcare professionals.  

Health and Wellness Expo

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Glaucoma is a group of silent diseases that can damage the optic nerve of the eye and lead to vision loss and blindness. Primary open-angle glaucoma is the most common form. In this condition, fluid builds up in the front chamber of the eye, and the optic nerve is damaged by the resulting increase in eye pressure. This potentially blinding eye disease affects 2.7 million people nationwide, and studies show that at least half of all people with glaucoma do not know they have it. 

Since DIATON is non-contact and handheld pen-like tonometer, it can be used in any setting – rural areas that desperately need glaucoma screening or Inpatient & Outpatient Clinics such as Hospitals, Emergency Rooms, Nursing & Elderly Homes, General, Family & Specialty Practitioners office as well as Ophthalmic and Optometric practice.

Major Benefits of Diaton Tonometer:

  •     No contact with the cornea (only upper eyelid)
  •     No anesthesia drops
  •     No risk of infecting or scratching cornea (eliminating virus and infection)
  •     No consumables (no need to purchase replacement tips/covers..etc.,)
  •     No sterilization
  •     No pachymetry needed (no need to purchase pachymeter)
  •     No daily calibration needed
  •     Handheld / Portable + Easy to use

DIATON Tonometer provides reliable measurements and makes it possible to diagnose glaucoma in its early stages, allowing to devise an appropriate care and treatment plan. DIATON is effective in obtaining IOP measurements for many challenging patient populations, including: those with chronic conjunctivitis, erosions, edema and corneal dimness; people who have undergone corneal surgeries; and immobilized patients and children. Also, patients do not need to remove their contact lenses.

Roman Iospa, CEO of BiCOM Inc., said, – “We’re excited to be able to participate in the local community events and provide free screenings with our non-invasive Diaton tonometer technology for quick glaucoma testing initiatives.”

About BiCOM Inc:
BiCOM, is committed to the global fight against blindness caused by glaucoma. A unique team of engineers, medical, legal and business experts makes BiCOM Inc. uniquely placed to provide the diaton tonometer, which measures intraocular pressure (IOP) through the eyelid and sclera, making it possible to diagnose glaucoma on the early stage and appoint necessary treatment and medicines and provide a much more favorable outcome for the patient.  More about Glaucoma Eye Test at http://www.GlaucomaEyeTest.com