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BiCOM Inc. Strives To Reach 2,000,000 Eyes On World Glaucoma Day Through Global Awareness Campaign!

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BiCOM Inc. Strives To Reach 2,000,000 Eyes On World Glaucoma Day Through Global Awareness Campaign

BiCOM Inc., a global distributor of Diaton tonometer (non-invasive tonometry through eyelid) has responded to the call for action from World Glaucoma Association (WGA) and World Glaucoma Patient Association (WGPA) by advising and guiding all of its distributors located in over 30 countries in North and South America, Europe, Asia and Middle East to participate in the World Glaucoma Day on March 6 through either Screening or Awareness campaigns.

BiCOM Inc., a New York based company, in conjunction with NYC Department of Transportation (DOT), will hold an Awareness and Screening Event at the Staten Island Ferry Terminal – over 100,000 people travel by this ferry daily. The event is scheduled to be covered by local TV, radio and print media.


Glaucoma Awareness Materials will be handed out in Time Square, New York and a Bike Taxi with a large World Glaucoma Day sign will be strolling the streets to promote the event.

Recently, Mayor Michael Bloomberg has joined the awareness campaign and has declared March 6, 2008 the World Glaucoma Day in New York City.

In addition, Whoopi Goldberg has noted BiCOM’s initiatives and the World Glaucoma Day on her morning program.

Roman Iospa, the CEO of BiCOM has interviewed Mr. Eric “Ricky” McKinnie, the drummer/vocalist and tour manager for the world-renowned, four-time Grammy winning band The Blind Boys of Alabama. www.rickymckinnie.com Mr. McKinnie lost his sight due to glaucoma in 1975 but has continued to excel far beyond his own imagination.

“Glaucoma is like high blood pressure & diabetes – you have to check your eye pressure regularly so that your sight doesn’t close on you.” Mr. McKinnie stated in the interview, adding, “Remember, every time that you see a rainbow – it doesn’t mean it's gold, because a rainbow can mean Glaucoma.”

Mr. Boris Kun, President of BiCOM has been diagnosed with glaucoma and he has a personal grudge against this disease. BiCOM Team supports Mr. Kun in glaucoma distinction…

BiCOM’s team has contacted most of the New York-based eye care professionals by phone requesting them to participate, and most have agreed to screen in support of the World Glaucoma Day on March 6.

BiCOM, with the introduction of its unique Diaton tonometer that measures intra-ocular pressure through the eyelid without the use of anesthesia, plans to continue free screenings and awareness events to organizations beyond the World Glaucoma Day.

On March 6, BiCOM estimates that its awareness campaign will reach over 2,000,000 eyes.

For more information about the World Glaucoma Day: www.wgday.net

For more information about BiCOM Inc. and its Diaton tonometer: www.GlaucomaEyeTest.com