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diaton tonometer at vision expo orlando

The Safest Tonometer Diaton Featured at International Vision Expo East

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This year Diaton tonometer will be presented at the International Vision Expo in Orlando Florida. The venue was changed from a customary New York City’s Javits Center to Orlando due…

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Tonometery and Infection Prevention and Control with Diaton Tonoemeter

Tonometry and Infection Prevention with DIATON Tonometer – IOP Through Eyelid

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Tonometry & Infection Prevention Solution: IOP THROUGH EYELID – NO CONTACT WITH MUCOUS MEMBRANE Diaton Tonometer is an efficient infection prevention tonometer which does not touch the mucous membrane or…

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Scleral Lens and Diaton Tonometry

At #VisionExpo Don’t miss the discussion on the Importance of IOP control during #SceralLenses fitting

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At #VisionExpo Don’t Miss this “Scleral Lens & IOP” discussion. Team of researchers from Pacific University College of Optometry in the study “Does IOP Increase During Scleral Lens Wear?” say…

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@VEW2018 Find & Try Unique Scleral #Tonometry with Diaton #Tonometer @ Booth MS4037 in Sands, Las Vegas

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Innovative Scleral and Transpalpebral Tonometer Diaton Featured at the International Vision Expo – VEW 2018 at Sands Expo, Las Vegas. Find and Try Diaton #tonometer in action at exhibit #MS4037…

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