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Discover the future of tonometry with Diaton’s cutting-edge technology that allows for precise eye pressure measurements Through the EYELID, ensuring accuracy and safety for patients with various ocular conditions. With its unique trans-palpebral and trans-scleral approach, the Diaton Tonometer offers a transformative solution for ophthalmology and optometry practices, emergency rooms, hospitals, and urgent care clinics, prioritizing patient safety while maintaining diagnostic accuracy.

In the evolving landscape of ophthalmic diagnostics, the need for accurate, safe, and patient-friendly technologies is ever-present. The Diaton Tonometer, with its unique through-the-eyelid, cornea-independent measurement technique, stands at the forefront of this technological revolution, offering a plethora of advantages over traditional corneal tonometers.

Diaton Tonometer, IOP through eyelid and sclera. Innovation in tonometry technology.

Innovative Technology
Traditional methods of measuring intraocular pressure (IOP) typically involve direct contact with the cornea, requiring topical anesthesia and potentially exposing the eye to risks of infection and corneal abrasion. The Diaton Tonometer circumvents these challenges by utilizing a patented approach that measures IOP through the upper eyelid and over the sclera. This innovative method not only eliminates the discomfort associated with corneal contact but also reduces the risk of transmitting pathogens.

Accuracy and Reliability
Despite its non-corneal approach, the Diaton Tonometer does not compromise on precision. Clinical studies have demonstrated that its measurements are highly accurate and reproducible, aligning closely with those obtained from standard corneal methods. The device’s independence from corneal properties, such as thickness and rigidity, further enhances its reliability, making it a valuable tool for patients with corneal irregularities, post-refractive surgery, or those who are contact lens wearers.

Safety Profile
Safety is paramount in any medical procedure, and the Diaton Tonometer excels in this aspect. By avoiding direct contact with the cornea, it significantly minimizes the risk of corneal abrasion and eliminates the need for anesthetic drops, which can be particularly beneficial for patients with allergies or sensitivities. This safety profile makes the Diaton Tonometer an ideal choice for a wide range of patients, including children, the elderly, and those with sensitive eyes.

Versatility and User Benefits
The versatility of the Diaton Tonometer allows it to be seamlessly integrated into various clinical settings—from traditional ophthalmology clinics to hospitals and emergency rooms. It is particularly advantageous in settings that require rapid, hygienic, and non-invasive assessments, such as in screening programs or mobile clinics.

The Diaton Tonometer represents a significant leap forward in eye care diagnostics. By incorporating this device into their practice, healthcare providers can enhance their diagnostic capabilities, improve patient comfort, and maintain a high standard of safety. As eye care continues to advance, technologies like the Diaton Tonometer will be pivotal in shaping the future of patient care, making now the perfect time for medical professionals to adopt this groundbreaking tool.

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Embrace the future of eye care diagnostics. Add the Diaton Tonometer to your practice today and experience the benefits of innovative, safe, and accurate intraocular pressure measurement. Revolutionize your patient care with Diaton.

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