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The Diaton tonometer is a non-contact tonometer that measures intraocular pressure (IOP) through the upper eyelid. It is a safe (no contact with the cornea or mucous membrane), painless, and accurate way to measure IOP. It is especially helpful for users who screen for glaucoma, monitor patients with glaucoma, or treat patients with corneal conditions or abnormalities because there is no contact with the cornea or mucous membrane during the procedure.

Through Eyelid Tonometer Diaton Safe Tonometry
Diaton Tonometer IOP TRHOUGH EYELID by DevelopAll Inc.,

Some of the advantages of the Diaton tonometer for glaucoma diagnostics include:

  • Non-contact: The Diaton tonometer does not touch the eye (only upper eyelid), which eliminates the risk of infection.
  • Painless: The Diaton tonometer is painless, even for patients who are sensitive to eye exams.
  • Accurate: The Diaton tonometer is accurate and reliable. Studies have demonstrated that in many cases Diaton is even more accurate vs. contact tonometers, as corneal biometrics such as central corneal thickness (CCT), crookedness, rigidity, hysteresis do not affect IOP results with Diaton.
  • The Diaton tonometer is portable, making it suitable for usage in a range of locations, such as medical offices, hospitals, and nursing homes.
  • Cost-effective: The Diaton tonometer is affordable and helps reduce medical expenses as there are no replacement tips of covers and no numbing drops are needed to measure IOP.

User experiences with the Diaton tonometer have been overwhelmingly positive. Users report that the tonometer is painless and easy to use, and they appreciate the fact that it does not require contact with the eye.  Diaton tonometer is a valuable tool for glaucoma diagnostics, and they appreciate its accuracy, safety and portability.

Here are some additional user testimonials on experiences with the Diaton tonometer:

  • “It works,” said Dr. Mark Latina, a glaucoma specialist (Harvard / MEEI) and the inventor of Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty (SLT), after revealing results of the study titled: “Accuracy of Transpalpebral Tonometer Diaton Compared to Goldmann Applanation Tonometer in Normal and Glaucomatous Eyes”.  “The Diaton device provides a very useful way to confirm Goldmann tonometry, especially in certain complicated patients, in my glaucoma referral practice.”
  • “As a Cornea-Refractive trained specialist, I encounter many situations where Goldmann readings are inherently inaccurate–like post-LASIK, in cases of corneal edema, scarring, keratoconus, post-keratoprosthesis or transplant. In such cases, it’s both invaluable and reassuring to have the Diaton device available to measure IOP that’s independent of corneal pathology” Emil W. Chynn, MD, FASC from Park Avenue LASEK
  • “I’m a doctor, and I use the Diaton tonometer in my practice. It’s a great tool for glaucoma diagnostics. It’s accurate, portable, and easy to use. I highly recommend it to my colleagues.”Susan Smith, OD
  • John Hope, MD, an ophthalmologist in private practice in Oklahoma City, said that he prefers the device because applanation tonometry is time-consuming and often requires support staff. Dr. Hope said that he has used the instrument routinely on every patient for at least 6 months. “This instrument is so user­ friendly . . . there are no rubber covers to deal with, and, after the initial purchase, it is virtually maintenance-free,” he said.“I clean the instrument with an alcohol pad after each use, and it is easily portable in your pocket and can be transported from room to room or office to office.”
  • “There is no corneal contact and pressures can be obtained in patients wearing contact lenses,” Dr. Hope concluded. “The technique is easily and quickly learned.” Henry D. Perry, MD (Corneal Specialist and Comprehensive Ophthalmology – OCLI), – “Transpalpebral Tonometry is an accurate method of IOP measurement that is also independent from the biomechanical characteristics of cornea. It can be recommended for IOP measurements of patients diagnosed with glaucoma including those cases where cornea pathology or cornea characteristics have been altered.”
  • “The [device] is easy to use, user­ friendly, and it can be used on patients for mass screening,” Dr. Shazly said. “It’s portable, it’s economical; it’s really good for screening purposes.”
  • “I have experience using many different types of tonometers.  It is a no brainer to use the diaton for safe accurate readings. A patients safety should be the number one concern, especially in these crazy times. It is remarkable the technology is available to obtain very accurate iop readings without contacting the cornea. It is a pleasure for patients not to need eyedrops or have a probe touch the eye. I predict that the diaton will be the gold standard very shortly and that the old devices will be obsolete. Optometrists owe it to themselves and their patients to learn about it, and give it a try. ” Dr. Russell Kateman
  • “I was really nervous about getting my eyes checked for glaucoma, but the Diaton tonometer was painless and quick. I didn’t even feel a thing!” – Sarah J. (patient)
  • Medical Director, Emergency Medicine Craig, J., MD – “The tonometer Diaton offers several clinician-friendly features, facilitating easy integration into a hospital or Emergency Department (ED) Emergency Room (ER) setting. The design is adaptable to our current set up, eliminating the need for dedicated space and lowering end-user cost. Requirement of constant tonometer calibration in eliminated. The compact ergonomic and handheld design also allows for easy transport from room to room and includes convenient storage case when not in use. The Diaton team provided zoom based training session, which was quite helpful to get everyone in our department acquainted with the device and capabilities in no time.”
  • “I’ve had glaucoma for a few years now, and I’ve had a variety of tonometers used on me. The Diaton tonometer is by far the most comfortable and non-invasive. I didn’t even blink. I highly recommend it to anyone with glaucoma.” – John D. (patient)

“My Patients❤️DIATON Tonometer!” Dr. Raff shares his experience with Diaton through Eyelid Tonometer

For more information about Diaton tonometer, visit the website at www.TonometerDiaton.com.

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