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Join Team Diaton Tonometer at ACEP Scientific Assembly 2021 in Boston next week. Team Diaton Tonometer will be conducting live training sessions at the exhibit 1719 AND during Slit Lamp sessions together with ACEP educators.
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Transpalpebral Diaton Tonometer nowadays is the SAFEST tonometer on the market as it does not touch the mucous membrane or the cornea. The Intra-ocular Pressure (IOP) measurement with Diaton is done over the upper eyelid, overlaying the sclera, with that providing safe and more accurate IOP results, completely independent of corneal biomechanical properties.

“Diaton Tonometer is the Top Choice for Emergency Medicine Tonometry Needs…” – says Mr. Roman Iospa, CEO of DevelopAll Inc., home of Diaton Tonometer in an interview with Emergency Physicians Monthly.

Today – Safety is on everyone’s mind now and the Diaton tonometry technology is a part of the Solution to prevent the virus spread.


Innovative Tonometry Tech Helps Emergency Departments to Meet and Exceed Joint Commission Guideline for Disinfection and Sterilization
Diaton Tonometer is a unique and innovative tonometry instrument, unlike all other contact tonometer; allows to accurately measure Intra-ocular Pressure (IOP) through the Eyelid and Sclera without touching the eyeball.
Watch Video of IOP through Eyelid at www.TonometerDiaton.com
With Diaton use, there is no risk of infection or need for sterilization, as there is no contact with the mucous membrane. Zero-contact with the cornea or influence of corneal biomechanics on Diaton IOP results provides more accurate glaucoma diagnosis.

Who Uses the Diaton Tonometer?

Diaton Tonometer is intended for use by Ophthalmologists, Optometrists, Ophthalmic technicians as well as Inpatient & Outpatient Clinics such as Hospitals, Emergency Department / Emergency Room, Urgent Care Clinics, FSED (Free standing Emergency Department), Nursing & Elderly Homes, General & Specialty Practitioners as well as for Mass Glaucoma Screening purposes and medical missions.

FDA-cleared Scleral and Transpalpebral Diaton tonometry technology brings indisputable advantages vs. all other contact tonometers, which require direct contact with the cornea.
Since there is no contact with an eyeball, the risk of infection or cross-contamination is null with Diaton’s technology.

Hospitals and Emergency medicine departments are increasingly using the SAFER TONOMETRY with THROUGH THE EYELID Diaton tonometer.


Keep an eye or two on the Diaton Tonometer. Measuring the intraocular pressure (IOP) no longer requires placing something on the surface of the cornea.  The FDA has approved the use of a new device, called Diaton Tonometer, which measures IOP through the eyelid and sclera.  Don’t worry about placing anesthetic drops in the eye, which present a risk of accidental post measurement injury to the cornea. The Diaton Tonometer also removes the need for expensive replacement of one-time-use tonometer covers.  Nor will you be bothered with time consuming recalibration of the tonometer before each new patient.

a gmae changer in measuring intraocular pressure in emergency medicine

About DevelopAll Inc.,

DevelopAll Inc – home of Diaton Tonometer, is committed to the global fight against blindness caused by glaucoma. A unique team of engineers, medical, legal and business experts makes DevelopAll Inc. uniquely placed to provide DIATON diagnostic tonometer, which measures intraocular pressure (IOP) through the eyelid and sclera, making it possible to diagnose glaucoma in the early stage and provide necessary treatment.  More about DIATON Tonometer Glaucoma Eye Test at http://www.Diaton.com

Contact:  Media / Public Relations 877-342-8667 ext 707

DevelopAll Inc., Staten Island, NY

Join our YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWzipjFv8ToVW7gXUrUBgyA Diaton is getting a lot of attention as we’re dealing with the US Government and Military. We’re now in talks with other institutions and hospitals (emergency rooms and emergency departments), organizations that are looking to implement Diaton in telemedicine in their day to day routine, to help prevent risk of COVID-19 exposure to the practitioner and patient. Diaton’s infection prevention is considered invaluable by patients and practitioners, in addition to all appreciated clinical advantages. No need for disposable tonometer tips and anesthetic bottles is appreciated for cost reduction and further reduced chance of infection spread. Get in touch with Team Diaton – we’re here to assist: 877-34-8667 email contact@tonometerdiaton.com Let’s Connect! Read our latest news posts: 

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Smart Tonometer Diaton provides a Safer Tonometry Option to measure intraocular pressure (IOP) for glaucoma diagnostics.

UNCUT Interview with Mr Roman Iospa CEO of DevelopAll Inc., home of Diaton Tonometer by Dr. Mark Plaster from Emergency Physicians Monthly Magazine at the previous ACEP Meeting.