Donated DIATON Tonometer was used at an orphanage to screen for Glaucoma. A Thank You Letter +Photos are Very Touching

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Donated DIATON Tonometer was used at orphanage to screen for Glaucoma – a Thank You Letter +Photos are Very Touching

A Very Touching “Thank You Letter & Photos from an orphanage which received Diaton tonometer as donation to screen people at Risk for Glaucoma to prevent Blindness:

Donated Diaton tonometer Saves Sight at orphanage

Subject: Donation Of Diaton Tonometer

Dear Sir/Madam,

Attached please find pictures of recent activity at […] orphanage and old age home were 200 needy people underwent eye exam and glaucoma screening. Fifteen people were glaucoma suspects and 3 with advanced glaucoma.

This screening would have not been possible without your generous donation of Diaton tonometer, a wonderful marvel of technology, that made this massive screening for glaucoma an easy one and with perfect accuracy.

Old age people normally have dry eyes,poor tear film quality, where there is a risk of corneal damage with schiotz tonometry and applanation tonometry needs use of lots of fluoroscein dye because it dries up fast. With Diaton tonometer this was not a problem ! Diaton tonometer is the best and only device suitable for use with aged patients and those with dry eyes.

Thank you Diaton for wonderful device thats going to help save sights of thousands of people. God bless.

Please go through attached pictures.

Kind regards