Glaucoma Eye Test through Eyelid supports National Glaucoma Awareness Month. BiCOM sets up Eye Pressure Screening Events Globally

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 Glaucoma Eye Test through Eyelid supports National Glaucoma Awareness Month – BiCOM sets up Eye Pressure Screening Events Globally


BiCOM Inc. global master dealer of Glaucoma Eye Test supports National Glaucoma Awareness Month. It is imperative to get regular eye pressure (IOP) screenings from your eye doctor. Vision loss caused by Glaucoma can be slowed or halted with the proper medication. Getting an eye pressure screening has never been easier or safer with painless through the eyelid Tonometer Diaton aka Glaucoma Eye Test.


tonometer Diaton

The start of a new year signifies a new beginning to most, many people making resolutions to better their lives. Improving health is usually a top priority – but, visual health is often overlooked. January is National Glaucoma Awareness Month, the perfect opportunity to learn about “the sneak thief of sight”. Glaucoma is the leading cause of preventable blindness globally, with 70 million people affected. Glaucoma is an eye disease that gradually makes your vision “close in” on you, starting with peripheral (side) vision. Many people do not realize they have a problem, until the disease has progressed dramatically. Regular eye examinations and eye pressure (IOP) screenings are the best way to diagnose Glaucoma in its earliest stages.


Tonometry (http://www.Tonometry.org ), or the measurement of intraocular pressure (IOP), lets physicians know whether you have elevated levels of pressure within your eyes which is a one of the most important factors of Glaucoma detection.


New technological breakthroughs allow pressure to be measured easier & safer than ever before. Diaton Tonometry is a unique approach with the device measuring IOP thought the lid, never touching the cornea, reducing risk of infection and allowing maximum comfort for the patient. Tonometer Diaton is ideal for mass screenings and many other situations where older methods of tonometry do not suffice. This new device can even be used in-home for any age group. For more info visit: http://www.TonometerDiaton.com


Glaucoma that goes undetected progresses rapidly, robbing one of their sight, independence and well-being. There are factors that play a role in who develops this disease such as age, race and genetics, but Glaucoma can affect everyone from babies to the elderly. 20 percent of adults have never visited an eye doctor, and more than 60 percent of respondents thought that glaucoma was preventable, according to the American Optometric Association’s (AOA) American Eye-Q™ survey.


 Educational/Awareness campaigns have been launched by BiCOM Inc., the global distributor of transpalpebral Tonometer Diaton (http://www.GlaucomaEyeTest.com), with successful results. This is the key to fighting this disease – education and ease of getting IOP screened. 


EyeCare America's 7,000 Ophthalmologists Providing FREE Eye Exams in Honor of Glaucoma Awareness Month in January. To find out if you are eligible to receive a referral for an eye exam those interested should call 1-800-391-EYES (3937).