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Diaton tonometer at ACEP 2017 Emergency Medicine conference in Washington DC

October 28, 2017 @ 8:00 am - November 1, 2017 @ 5:00 pm

ACEP17 is the largest and most prestigious Emergency Medicine conference in the world – American College of Emergency Physicians ACEP 2017
Diaton tonometer to be featured at ACEP 2017 – preview today: www.TonometerDiaton.com
Emergency Departments Now Choose Painless, Safe and Precise Glaucoma Diagnostic Tonometry Technology – Through the Eyelid DIATON Pen Tonometer

Groundbreaking tonometry technology from BiCOM Inc., now allows Emergency Departments and Rooms (ED / ER) in hospitals to accurately screen patients of all ages for elevated intraocular pressure (IOP) through eyelid and sclera, without touching the eyeball direct and without need of numbing drops. Unique tonometer Diaton eliminates the risk of infection or scratching the cornea and obtains IOP independent of central corneal (CCT) properties or influence of past eye surgeries as reading is done over the upper eyelid and sclera, making it user and patient friendly.

“The measurement of intraocular pressure (IOP) is perhaps the most important clinical parameter contributing to the diagnosis of glaucoma and other acute eye conditions that are being seen in emergency rooms and departments. Our innovative, Through the Eyelid tonometry technology constantly receives great user feedback from many physicians using the Diaton tonometer in many hospitals and clinics from around the nation.” – says Roman Iospa, CEO of BiCOM Inc,.

BiCOM’s tonometer Diaton offers several clinician-friendly features, facilitating easy integration into a hospital or Emergency Department (ED) Room (ER) setting. The design is adaptable to a physician’s current set up, eliminating the need for dedicated space and lowering end-user cost. Requirement of constant tonometer calibration in eliminated. The compact ergonomic and handheld design also allows for easy transport from room to room or office to office, and includes convenient storage case when not in use.

Diaton tonometer allows to accurately measure IOP through eyelid and sclera, with that topical anesthetic, such as Proxymetacaine, Tetracaine or Proparacaine is not needed. Contact lenses do not need to be taken out either.

Major Benefits of Diaton Tonometer:

  • Easy to use. Can be used by any trained personnel
  • No contact with the cornea (only upper eyelid and sclera)
  • No need for anesthesia drops or removal of contact lenses
  • Safe: No risk of infecting or scratching cornea (safer vs other methods)
  • Cost efficient: No consumables (no need to purchase replacement tips, probes or covers, etc.)
  • Latex-free, handheld, non-contact, portable, pen-like device
  • No sterilization (just alcohol swab is used to wipe off the tip)
  • Accurate: No pachymetry needed (independent of corneal biomechanics)
  • Ready-to-use: Daily calibration not required (saves time)

More information on the Diaton tonometry pen device, including clinical trials date, user videos and testimonials can be found at http://www.TonometerDiaton.com  or by calling BiCOM Inc. at the toll free number 1-877-DIATONS (1-877-342-8667).

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