R. S. Davidson 1; N. Faberowski2 ; R. J. Noecker3 ; M. Y. Kahook1
1. Ophthalmology, Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Institute, Aurora, CO, USA.
2. Ophthalmology, Denver Health Medical Center, Denver, CO, USA.
3. Ophthalmology, UPMC, Pittsburgh, PA, USA.

Financial Disclosure
The authors have no financial interest in the subject matter being presented

Diaton tonometry is a unique approach to measuring intraocular pressure (IOP) through the Eyelid. It is a non-contact (no contact with cornea), pen like, hand-held, portable tonometer. It requires no anesthesia or sterilization.

To investigate the agreement in the measurement of intraocular pressure (IOP) obtained by transpalpebral tonometry using the Diaton tonometer versus Goldmann applanation in adult patients presenting for routine eye exams.

Retrospective chart review of consecutive IOP measurements performed on 64 eyes of 32 patients age 34-91 years with both the Diaton tonometer and Goldmann applanation. Results between groups were examined using analysis of variance (ANOVA) where appropriate.

Mean IOP was 15.09 +/-4.31 mm Hg in the Goldmann group and 15.70 +/-4.33 mm Hg in the Diaton group (p=0.43).
Mean IOP variation between groups was 1.74 +/-1.42 mm Hg (range 0-8). 83% of all measurements were within 2 mm Hg of each other.

The transpalpebral method of measuring IOP with the Diaton tonometer correlates well with Goldmann applanation. Diaton applanation may be a clinically useful device for measuring IOP in routine eye exams.