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St. Josephs Hospital Selects Tonometer Pen DIATON for Emergency Department to measure elevated Intra-ocular Pressure for Glaucoma Eye Test through Eyelid

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St. Josephs Hospital, an affiliate of Hospital Sisters Health System selects DIATON tonometer for its Emergency Department to assist physicians to quickly and painlessly evaluate Intraocular Pressure (IOP) for Glaucoma.  Diaton tonometery advanced technology allows to measure IOP through eyelid without use of numbing drops and without influence of corneal properties or past eye surgeries. 

The measurement of intraocular pressure is perhaps the most important clinical parameter contributing to the diagnosis of glaucoma.


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Revolutionary Diaton Tonometer Featured at International Vision Expo & Conference, Sands Las Vegas 2011

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Unique non-corneal Diaton tonometry opens new doors to optometrists and other eye care professionals to evaluate intraocular pressure (IOP) THROUGH THE EYELID. Diaton tonometer is effective in obtaining IOP measurements for many challenging patient populations.

Please visit us at Vision Expo West Optimetrics Booth # MS6047 and Vision Systems VSI Booth LP10109 for free training and DEMO.

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