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Transpalpebral Diaton tonometer receives positive reviews in Diagnosis and Management of Glaucoma Textbook

Textbook: Diagnosis and Management of Glaucoma
R. Ramakrishan (Editor), R. Krishnadas (Editor), Alan L. Robin (Editor), Mona Khurana (Editor)

  • ISBN-13: 9789350255780

“Transpalpebral tonometry requires no contact with the cornea, therefore, serialization of the device and anesthetic drops are not required and there is very little risk of infection. Transpalpebral tonometry is used in those for whom Goldmann tonometry is not indicated, such as children, those with corneal pathology, or those who have had corneal surgery. Diaton tonometer is suggested for wide range of applications: at patient’s bedside, in geriatric homes, in children hospitals, for the military and home use.”

Diagnosis and Glaucoma Management

About BiCOM Inc:
BiCOM – home of Diaton tonometer, is committed to the global fight against blindness caused by glaucoma. A unique team of engineers, medical, legal and business experts makes BiCOM Inc. uniquely placed to provide the diaton tonometer, which measures intraocular pressure (IOP) through the eyelid and sclera, making it possible to diagnose glaucoma on the early stage and appoint necessary treatment and medicines and provide a much more favorable outcome for the patient.  More about Diaton tonometer at http://www.TonometerDiaton.com

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